Advertising And Media Of Advertising

Advertising And Media Of Advertising
INTRODUCTION: By advertising the good and services are introduced to general public, customers, and consumers. Through it a message is given about the brands, price, quality and features of a product. Customers become well aware of competitive brands and able to choose the best one from among the variety available. The definition and scope of advertising excludes sales promotion that involves distribution of free samples and offering of bonuses. Advertising is different from personal selling activities because it is non – personal selling. It is also different than publicity which is not paid for.


“Advertising is a paid form of non – personal presentation of goods and services to a group of persons by an identified sponsor”

Advertising media can be divided into two classes:
1. Print Media 
2. Electronic Media

1. PRINT MEDIA: Printed media include newspapers, magazines and journals, pamphlets, billboards, skywriting etc. their details are as follows:

a) Newspaper: Newspaper is issued daily or weekly and provides latest news and information to the general public. They are good and effective means of making the goods and services known to the prospective consumers. 
b) Magazines: Their impact also is limited to only some cities rural areas cannot be reached because of low literacy rate over there. Immediate advertising in magazine is not possible because its frequency is monthly or even greater period. 
c) Pamphlets: It is a cheap means of advertising, it has limited effect and restricted to limited geographical areas because of its limited geographic distribution. 
d) Bill Boards/ Hoarding: They are installed along important and busy roads. They are used to attract the attention of the automobile traveler’s passengers. 
e) Sky – Writing: Airplanes are used to write the message by their smokes high on the air / atmosphere. Before restoring to this method a previous announcement to this effect is necessary. This method is costly and shortly – lived.

a) Radio: Radio is an audio medium. It is also known as radio commercial. Ads can be broadcast nationwide, province – wide or citywide. Advertisement can be announced at once or can be changed or stopped at a short notice.

b) Television: Television advertising is a visual medium. It is very effective but costly. It brings quick results. It doesn’t require education or literacy. It has different rates for different timings. Advertising during prime time and famous programs are the costliest. 

c) Cinema Slide: It is a type of video media goods and services are advertised on the slide during the playing of the film. It has limited geographical result and is very short – lived. Its main advantage is its low cost. 

d) Internet: It is the most modern communication technique of advertising and works through the personal computer. It can send information across any part of the world in seconds at a cost.