Salesmanship! Four qualities of a good salesman.

Define salesmanship. Write any four qualities of a good salesman.

Answer: Salesmanship: It is a method of offering goods and services to the prospective customers by the person known as salesman. The salesman must know not only the details of his commodity but also know human nature so as to lend his customer to accept his ideas. 

Qualities of Good Salesman: 
1. Education: He should be an educated person and should have studied of salesmanship. 
2. Courtesy: He should respect his customers and should not become very angry even if his customers give the lowest offer. 
3. Loyalty: He should show the customer that he is the well-wisher of the customers. 
4. Attentiveness: He should attend to his customer in a nice way and should show the articles which he needs.

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