11th Class XI English Chapter 08 Science And Society


Q:1.What are the three factors on which the progress and development of modern science depends?
In the opening paragraph of the chapter “Science and Society” the author has pointed out the following three factors which have made a great contribution to the rapid growth of science, during the last three centuries.
* The scientific, reasonable and realistic way of thinking.
* Invention and improvement of wonderful and effective instruments for observation and measurement.
* The ever-increasing use of mathematics.
* The beautiful blend of these factors of modern science demonstrate themselves in the amazing achievements of the pioneer of modern science, Newton.

Q:2. Briefly state the services of modern science as well as its demerits or limitation.
Modern science has rendered remarkable services and made marvelous contribution to human life and society. It has made life comfortable, interesting and pleasant. It has helped the human race to fight successfully, against the social evils of poverty, disease and ignorance. In short, it has brought about a revolution in the thinking of mankind. However, it must be kept in mind and admitted that science has its limitations and demerits. It has nothing to do with human values and good elements in life such as Truth, Love, Justice, Patriotism and Courage. Its methods can be applied only to the material objects which may be observed, measured and calculated. Science has also proved to be harmful on account of its misuse by some people. 

Q:3. What type of concept of education has the author suggested for the youngsters?
The author says that science alone is not enough to create and develop a balanced, peaceful and pleasant world society. Science is, of course, very important but its importance must not be allowed to superimpose upon other worth-while thing. Modern education system contains education of science, as well as, that of religion and humanities. A balanced combination of science and other branches of learning is required for the proper education and uplift of the young people of today. Without studying modern science, they will not be able to understand the rapidly changing world around them. On the other hand, without sincere attachment to human and moral values and study of Humanities, they will not be able to develop themselves as good members of a good society.

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