11th Class Xi English Chapter 5 The Wolves Of Cernogratz

11th Class Xi English Chapter 5 The Wolves Of Cernogratz


Q:1: What did Conrad ask his sister?
Ans)Conrad, a prosperous Hamburg merchant, has a stronger imagination than the rest of his family, asked his sister if there were any old legends attached to the castle. 

Q:2: What did the Baroness think the legend was?
Ans)Baroness Grubel, who had recently purchased the castle Cernogratz, told her guests a strange story about the castle. She said that there were always legends about those old places. They were not difficult to invent and they cost nothing. In that case, there was a story that when anyone died in the castle all the dogs in the village and the wild beasts in the forest howled all night long .And it could not be pleasant to listen. In fact, it could not be true. 

Q:3: What was the real story?
Ans)Amalie, the old governess interrupted and narrated that the story, which was earlier told, was not true at all. It was not when anyone died in the castle that the howling was heard. In fact, it was when any one of the Cernogratz family died that the wolves came from far and near the forest just before the hour of death. In addition, as the soul of the dying one left its body, a tree would crash down in the park. 

Q:4. How did the governess know the real story?
Ans)Amalie, the old governess, claimed herself to be one of the members of the Cornogratz family. She knew what had happened with her ancestors when they would live in the same castle where Amalie was working as a governess. Her grandfather narrated the story to her father, who used to tell the same to her. 

Q:5. Why were the Baron and the Baroness angry with Amalie?
Ans)The Baron and the Baroness were angry with Amalie because she dared to interrupt so disrespectfully while they both were talking on the legend. She did not only correct the version of the legend but also claimed herself to be one of the members of Cernogratz family. In Baron’s own words, anger may be observed.
“It was impertinence; fancy the woman talking like that at our table. She almost told us we were nobodies." 

Q:6: When did the governess fall ill?
Ans)Just after Christmas when the New Year festivities were still going on, Amalie, the old governess, fell seriously ill in the cold weather that she confined to her bed. 

Q:7: What was the first sign of the presence of wolves?
Ans)In one of the last evenings of the year when the Baroness was engaged in conversation with her guests, it happened that her small wooly lapdog had leapt suddenly down from its cushion and crept shivering under the sofa. At the same moment, an outburst angry barking came from the dogs in the castle yard, and other dogs could be heard barking in the distance 

Q:8: Why did the governess insist on having her window open?
Ans)During the last chilly days of December, the old governess, Amalie fell ill remained confined to her comfortless room. In spite of intense and freezing cold, she kept the window in her room open. Actually, she wanted to hear the death song of her family. when the Baroness left her guests to see Amalie and rushed to close the window, the governess sternly told her to leave the window open. Amalie was waiting to hear the death music of barking dogs and howling wolves. She said that they had come to sing the traditional music of her family. She was glad that they were there. She commanded the baroness to leave the room. 

Q:9: What is the rational explanation for these strange events?
Ans)Science does not believe in such irrational events. It was purely a fabrication of superstitious mind. The story was fabricated to lend dignity to the place. It might be that the cold was responsible for it because the castle was situated at the edge of the forest. 

Q:10:Why did the Baroness not believe in the legend?
Ans)The reason for the disbelief was that when her mother-in-law died in the castle the previous spring, no howling and barking of the wolves and dogs was heard. According to her, people invent stories about old places because they are not difficult to invent, and they lend dignity to such places without costing anything. 

Q:11:At what precise moment would a tree fall in the park?
Ans)A tree would fall in the park as the soul of the dying one left its body. That would take place only if the dying person was a member of Cernogratz family. 

Q:12:What did the governess tell the people about her family history?
Ans)She told them that the castle of Cernogratz belonged to her ancestors. Her grandfather spent a lot of time in the castle when he was a boy; poverty forced them to move out of the castle and sell it off. However, he passed on the stories about his life in the castle to his son, who used to tell those stories to her. 

Q:13:What did the Baroness plan to do about Amalie after the New Year festivities were over?
or How did her plan fail?
Ans)The baroness told her husband that since the governess had become old she would soon be past work, so she was thinking of discharging her from the service soon after the New Year festivities were over. After the Christmas, the governess fell ill and was confined to her room. She died before the New Year. Her sudden illness and then death caused the Baroness’ plan to fail. 

Q:14: What disturbed the dogs in and around the castle?
Ans)The dogs, in and around the castle, were disturbed by the long-drawn whining howl of hundreds of wolves. The howling was rising and falling and seemed at one moment miles away, at others sweeping across the snow until it appeared to come from the foot of the castle wall. 

Q:15: What was the baron’s speculation about the past of Amalie?
Ans)The baron and the baroness did not believe that the governess was a Cernogratz, a very rich and famous family. The baron said that she was just a Schmidt and a common person belonging to a common family. His speculation was that her grandfather might have been a footman or something of that sort at the castle that is why she knew something about the history of the castle. 

Q:16: how was the strange story about the castle proved to be true?
Ans)Strange happenings, ultimately, proved that the legend attached to the castle was perfectly true and authentic. When the old governess expired in the castle, hundreds of wolves came out of the forest and howled in chorus just before the hour of death. in this way, the strange story about the castle as well as, Amalie’s claim to be a member of the Cernogrtz family, were proved true.