Poem 02 The Character Of A Happy Life

(SIR HENRY WOTTON) 1568 - 1639

Q:1.What, according to Sir Henry Wotton, is the most essential factor in a man’s life that ensures his happiness?
According to the poet, most essential factor in a man’s life is his independence/freedom. If a man is free, he can spend his life according to his values, principles and beliefs. Such a man may not have any riches but he is the richest man. Thus, one’s free will to lead one’s life ensures one’s happiness.

Q:2.What is the importance of truth in a happy man’s life?
A man of virtue considers truth. He always speaks the truth. This skill paves his way and enables him to overcome the difficulties of life. Since he always upholds truth, so he never fears anything.

Q:3.What does Henry Wotton’s happy man feel about name, fame and the needs of the society?
Henry Wotton’s happy man leads a simple life. He has no lust name or fane. He prays to God for His blessings and kindness and not for worldly gifts, such as wealth, titles, or high position in society. That is why he has no fear of falling or losing his position in society. He may not have anything, but he is the richest man.

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