Poem 01 Under The Greenwood Tree


Q:1.Name the play, act and scene in which this song occurs
The song occurs in Act I, Scene V of the play “As You Like It”, a famous comedy by the Father of English Drama, William Shakespeare. 

  Q:2.Who is the singer of the song?
This song is sung by Amiens, one of a group of noblemen living a life of exile in the forest of Arden with a Duke who has been robbed of his dominion by his wicked brother. 

  Q:3.Where does the singer invite to the readers?
They are invited to the simple surroundings of the forest where the singer and his companions are. The singer wishes the readers to lie with him under cool shade of the trees and enjoy the singing of the melodious birds. 

  Q:4.What adversities, according to the singer, will man face in nature?
According to the singer, man, in nature, will face only two enemies, namely severe cold and rough weather.

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