Poem 01 Under The Greenwood Tree

Under The Greenwood Tree Poem 01


Q:1.Name the play, act and scene in which this song occurs
The song occurs in Act I, Scene V of the play “As You Like It”, a famous comedy by the Father of English Drama, William Shakespeare. 

  Q:2.Who is the singer of the song?
This song is sung by Amiens, one of a group of noblemen living a life of exile in the forest of Arden with a Duke who has been robbed of his dominion by his wicked brother. 

  Q:3.Where does the singer invite to the readers?
They are invited to the simple surroundings of the forest where the singer and his companions are. The singer wishes the readers to lie with him under cool shade of the trees and enjoy the singing of the melodious birds. 

  Q:4.What adversities, according to the singer, will man face in nature?
According to the singer, man, in nature, will face only two enemies, namely severe cold and rough weather.


Introduction of the poet 

William Shakespeare was the great poet of 16th century, was born in Stratford-on-Avon.  He was a great dramatist and a comedian too. He got little education in Latin language.  He was a great explorer of the mind and this poem is a great icon of his genius. 

Introduction of the poem 

The lines given for explanation are an extract from the poem Under the Green Wood Tree  which is the title of a song taken from the play, As You Like It written by William  Shakespeare. The play tells the story of two brothers, the Elder Duke and the younger  brother, Duke Frederick. The younger brother is very greedy, selfish and ambitious and  wishes to usurp the dukedom. He forces the Elder Duke to go into exile and pass the  rest of his life in the Forest of Arden. The Elder Duke is accompanied by some his  devoted companions and followers. Among them is Lord Amiens, who is gifted with a  very sweet, melodious voice.  


The lines given for explanation are an extract from one of the songs sung by him. In this  song, he describes the pleasant and carefree life of the forest. He also extends an open  invitation to anyone who wishes to join him in the cheerful surrounding. Such a person  should be free from all worldly wishes, and should feel happy and content to live in the  open, natural environment. The only problem one has to face there is the harsh  unbearable winter and rough weather. 

Come hither, come hither, come hither: 
Here shall he see 
No enemy, 
But winter and rough weather. 

“Multiple Choice Questions” 

1. The poem “Under the Greenwood tree” is a type of______________. 
Comedy Irony Lyrical ballad Sonnet

2. The poem “Under the greenwood Tree” is occurring in Act II, scene ______________. 

3. Under the greenwood tree is composed by ______________. 
William Wordsworth William Shakespeare Lord Amiens Oliver goldsmith 

4. The singer of the poem / song is ______________. 
Alan Poe Jacqueos Lord Amiens Shakespeare 

5. “As you like it” is published in ______________. 
1599 1564 1601 1616

6. There are ______________enemies in the forest. 
2 3 4 1

7. Duke was robbed of his dominion by his wicked brother named ______________. 
John Tom Maslow Fredrick 

8. William Shakespeare was born at ______________. 
London Paris Ireland Stratford-on-Avon 

9. William Shakespeare was the discovery of ______________ age. 
Victorian Modern literature Restoration Renaissance 

10. William Shakespeare was died in ______________.
1616 1618 1619 1639


Q#1: Briefly elaborate the lines “Here shall be see no enemy but winter and  rough weather”? 
Ans: In these lines the poet asserts that the life of the forest is free from tension and  troubles. In forest’s life you will not become the victim of external torture except  winter and rough weather which harm you physically but tolerable and will  heal with the passage of time. 

Q#2: What is the central idea of the poem “UNDER THE GREEN WOOD TREE”? Ans: William Shakespeare was the great explorer of the minds speak through the  tongue of Lord Amiens that the life of the forest is far better than the city life.  The city life is full of worries, problems, hurdles and conspiracies while these  sort of problems are absent in the forest life expect winter and rough weather.  These types of elements are endurable. 

Q#3 Briefly describe the kind of life to which the listeners are invited by the  song? (2014) 
Ans: By this song Lord Amiens, in the play “As You Like It”, living a life of exile, is  inviting the listeners to come and lead a simple but pleasant forest life. It is a  life quite safe from any rivalry or enmity except the roughness of weather, so all  listeners are invited to live there. 

Q#4: According to William Shakespeare who is the enemy of a man?  Ans: According to William Shakespeare the biggest enemy of a man is man. Because a  man can fight with wild beasts though. But he can not take over a black sheep. A man  stabs into whose back who has trusted on him. 

Q#5: What is the philosophical idea behind the poem,” Under the Greenwood  Tree”? (2013) 
Ans: There are two ideas behind the poem. First is that the nature invites you to  come and enjoy its beauty and charm. So if you wish to live a calm, peaceful  and healthy life and if you do not have any material desire you should come  here. Nature, at its best in the forest, is welcoming you all having opened its  arms. The other idea is that the biggest enemy of a man is man. Because a  man can fight with wild beasts, even. But he cannot take over a black sheep.  And a forest is the place, devoid of your real enemy. So come and live here. 

Q#6. What compels Lord Amiens to sing a song “Under the Greenwood Tree”?  
Ans: Lord Amiens draws a real picture of this materialistic world through the poem.  Lord Amiens, one of a group of noblemen, is living a life of exile in the Forest of Arden with a Duke who has been robbed of his dominion by his brother named  Frederick. That’s why he invites the people to come in the forest and live in free  manner.  

Q#7. Who is singing a song under the green wood tree and why? 
Ans: Lord Amiens is the singer of the song “Under the greenwood tree”. Lord Amiens is  inviting the people to come and enjoy the nature because it doesn’t harm much.  A person has to face only two enemies in the form of winter and rough weather, which  may create some troubles, but these troubles can be tolerated.  

Q#8. Elaborate the lines “Who doth ambition shun and love to be with sun”?  
Ans: In these lines the poet communicates only to those person who does not have  desires to enjoy the luxurious life and want to live in the open air in the woods  where he has to hunt his own and make yours self-satisfied with what he gets. 

Q9: How is the song ‘Under the greenwood tree’ relevant to Duke’s situation? (2019) 
Ans: Lord Amien sang this song for Duke Senior and it is much relevant to Duke’s situation.  According to Lord Amien, there are a lot of enemies of the king in the city including his brother  while in the forest there is no enemy of king. They need only to bear winter and rough weather.