Poem 03 Lines From The Deserted Village


Q:1.What does Oliver Goldsmith recall from his past?
In the poem, the deserted village the poet recalls the days of joy and merriment. Auburn was a beautiful village of a plain. Goldsmith used to loiter on the grassy lands, sit under the cool shades of the trees, and visit the windmills and the church, which was on the top of a small hill. Life in the village was so joyous that even toiling in the field pleased the hamlets. He longs for those days of joy. 

Q:2.Why does the writer say that the spring season paid an early visit to his village and the summer too lingered on the village?
Oliver goldsmith says this in order to tell the reader that his village was so beautiful that the seasons were in love with it too. The spring season came earlier than its time because it wanted to stay there for a long time, and the summer season did not want to leave the beautiful land, so it lingered on.

Q:3.What did people use to do during the interval from their toil?
During the interval from their toil, the people use to have regular sports and dances. They made fun with one another. The young indulged themselves in variety of games; whereas the old sat and watched them happily. Every new game was more joyous than the previous, and they participated in it whole-heartedly.

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