Poem 04 Lucy Gray


Q:1.Who was Lucy Gray?  or Where did she live?
Lucy was a little girl. She had no friend or companion and was always alone. She lived with her parents in a cottage on a wide moor. 

Q:2.Whom did she use to play with?
She had no human companion or friend and was always alone. The only companions she had were young deer and hares. She spent her time roaming about on the moors with these small creatures.

Q:3.Why did her father send her to the town?
He sent her to town to bring her mother back before the storm came. He advised her to take a lantern with her to show the way in the darkness of the stormy night. 

Q:4.What did Lucy say when her father told her to go to the town?
She gladly agreed to go there. She added that there was ample time to go there and bring back her mother as it was hardly two o’ clock in the afternoon and the night was still far away. 

Q:5.When was the storm expected?
The storm was expected to come at night; however, it came earlier than expected time. 

Q:6.What happened to her on her way to town?
On her way to the town, she got hit by the storm. The storm was expected at night; however, it came earlier. Darkness enveloped everything, and Lucy lost her way. She wandered here and there but could not find the way to the town or to her cottage. Her parents searched for her but were unable to find her. 

Q:7.What did her parents do when she did not return?
When Lucy did not return, her parents set out to looking for her. They searched for her all night long, but were unable to find her. They shouted her name but there was no response to their shouts. Then at daybreak, they spotted her footprints and followed them until they reached the river with a broken wooden bridge. 

Q:8.What did Lucy’s parents do at daybreak?
After a long search, at daybreak they stood on a small mound and looked around. Suddenly the mother spotted small footprints in the snow. The footprints were everywhere. They led them to the centre of the bridge and further there were none. 

Q:9.What is the legend about Lucy?
People of the village think that Lucy has not died. She becomes a part of the nature, which she loves so much. People maintain that they have seen her roaming about on the moors, though she does not look back; they have also heard her song that “whistles in the wind”. 

William Words Worth is considered to be one of the greatest and the most prominent figures in the realm of English literature. He was an ardent worshipper of the beauty of Nature. For him, In this narrative poem, which is one in the series of Lucy poems, Lucy, the innocent child becomes a symbol of charm and naiveté. She is full of playfulness and vivacity but she falls a prey to an unfortunate incident and the span of her life is cut short due to it. The poem relates the story of the tragic end and sudden death of the sweet child. Unfortunate death of the little girl in the end of the poem and then keeping her alive in the hearts with the help of supernatural elements is the very own style of Wordsworth. Obedience is also an important theme of the poem. All that live must die, passing through nature to eternity. (William Shakespeare)

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