XI English Chapter 11 Silence

XI English Chapter 11 Silence


Q:1: Only one paragraph in the essay does not begin with a key sentence. Which is it?
Only the third paragraph does not begin with a key sentence. 

Q:2: In not more than three sentences explain how one can tell that writer’s back ground is England?
We knew the writer’s back ground from the second paragraph in which he tells about two persons who were talking about their reminiscence of an English Academic Institution. Another hint is in last paragraph where he tells about the Armistice Day ceremonies in London. 

Q:3: How can one tell that the essay was written between 1919 and 1939?
The writer tells about ‘Two minutes’ silence observed in connection with Armistice Day in commemoration of the cease fire after the First World War in 1918. The celebration of ceremony ceased with beginning of the Second World War in 1939. Since the first anniversary of the global war comes off in 1919, it may easily be concluded that this essay was written between 1919 and 1939. 

Q:4: On what grounds does Robert Lynd defend conversation about weather?
Robert Lynd the author of this article defends conversation about the weather, on the grounds that a conversation must be based on mutual sympathy. A common note of sympathy is struck by talking about experience which is shared by both. Weather is one experience and so there is no reason. Why one should avoid marking in the topic of one’s talk. 

Q:5: According to this essay, what kind of topic should be avoided in conversation among three peoples?
According to this essay such topics should be avoided in conversation among three peoples which are not found interesting to any one of them. 

Q:6: What is one reason in the writer’s opinion for people’s fear of dark?
In writer’s opinion one reason for people’s fear to dark is fear of silence. 

Q:7: If the paragraph beginning ‘For compete silence produces feelings of awe in us…’ had to be divided into two, where would you make the division?
If this paragraph had to be divided into two, I would begin the new paragraph with sentence ‘This is not said that we never enjoy awfulness of silence’. 

Q:8: Explain the meaning of ‘moves’ in the sentence ‘The cathedral moves us most deeply in perfect stillness’.
Moves here means effects or arouses the feelings of. 

Q:9: What is the purpose of ‘Two minute’s silence’?
The purpose of ‘Two minutes silence’ is to commemorate the large number of casualties of the First World War. 

Q:10: The men and women had suddenly become statues. Is this literally true?
If not what does it mean?
The phrase is not true literally. But it means here motion less.