English Essay An Ideal Student

An Ideal Student

 An Ideal Student

The child is father of the man.' He, who is a student today, will be a responsible citizen tomorrow. Childhood is a stage of formation of character. A child is sent to school for essential training for his future life. School is a place where a student learns the value of discipline in life.

In this training ground, all efforts are made to mould a student's life into an ideal character so that he may not have any problem in his later life. He is praised for his good work, and punished for his folly. Thus, he comes to know what is good and what is bad in this world. When this sense in him is properly developed, he becomes as ideal student. He can prove himself to be honest, obedient and bold in his character.

A free country like Pakistan demands many things from an ideal student. An ideal student is he who is conscious about his duties and responsibilities towards his religion, family, his society and his country.

An ideal student is he who bears a good moral character, who leads a simple life with noble thinking, and who is patriotic, respectful towards his superiors, and compassionate towards his juniors.

If a student scores high marks in an examination, it does not mean that he should be called an ideal student, unless he possesses all those good qualities. He may set an academicals record in the university, but he may prove to be a failure in his real life, whereas, a student, who may not make a bright academicals career, may prove himself an ideal stu­dent by virtue of his noble character.

An ideal student respects and loves his parents and teachers. He behaves, both in his family life and his school life, like a sensible person, and shares equally the joys and sorrows of others. He is truthful, loyal and disciplined. He is the future ideal citizen of the world.

An ideal student is a true patriot. He does not hesitate to sacrifice his personal interests, when the question of safe­ty of his motherland comes. In a natural calamity anywhere in the country, he volunteers himself for the service to the distressed. He gives preference to humanity than anything else in life.

An ideal student is strong, in both mind and body. He practices physical exercises regularly in order to keep his body and mind fit. All love him. He is the pride of his parents, his society, and his country.