Colonel Sapt - Character of The Novel (The Prisoner of Zenda)

Colonel Sapt - Character of The Novel (The Prisoner of Zenda)

 Question 05)COLONEL SAPT


Colonel Sapt is one of the most significant and momentous characters of the novel entitled Prisoner of Zenda, written by Anthony Hope. Being the most loyal servant of the King, Colonal Sapt is the man behind the impersonating of King Elphberg by Rudolf Russendyll. It is due to his guidance that Rassendyll could successfully play the role of King Elphberg. Colonal Sapt has played the character of an honest person who has sincere wishes to save the throne for the real king of Ruritania. A single glance over the mentioned qualities will bring to light the noble character of Colonal Sapt.


Colonal Sapt is a brave man whose gallantry keeps him motivated for taking personal risks. He shows great valor on all events. He is also very loyal to the king and serves the throne with dedication and faith. Being a sovereign authority, he has enough experience in the art of governing people. His only objective in life is to reinstate King Elphberg. For this achievement, he uses all the persons including Countess Flavia as

pieces of chess board.
Sapt’s courage and determination is enlightened when he said to Rassendyll:

“If we’re detected, I’ll send Black Micheal down below before I go myself.”


Colonal Sapt is a wise man. His superb prudence makes him sensible enough not take reckless steps. He uses his mind and intelligence on the battlefield of life. It is merely due to his witticism that Rassendyll’s identification is not revealed. Although the Colonal does not accept advice from others, his gorgeous mentality enables him to crush all the obstacles that come in the path of his aim. Due to these qualities, he exalts himself in

the eyes of the king and Rassendyll. His wisdom is enlighted when he said:

“… If you do not go I swear to you Black Micheal will sit tonight on the throne, and the king lie in prison or his grave.”


Colonal Sapt is not only a good advisor, but also a sincere friend of Rassendyll. He becomes Rassendyll’s friend as soon as they both meet. Colonal Sapt serves his friend on every difficult stage. A good example of sincere friendship is seen at the Summer House, when Russendyll is in a dangerous situation among the enemies.


Colonal Sapt appears to be a confirmed bachelor having low opinion about women. He never trusts women, but believes that women spoil everything. Even the princess does

not come in exception to his hatred for the opposite gender.
When Mme de Mauban invites Rassendyll to the Summer House, he says:

“I do not believe any woman and you shall not go.”


Colonal Sapt is a well-disciplined man. He has some firm rules, which are strictly followed by him. This discipline and devotion leads the colonal to serve the king and his country. When Rassendyll went to Marshall for some help without consulting him, Sapt

angrily said:
“Sapt likes to be consulted before hand, not informed afterwards.”


Colonal Sapt is a colonal in the Ruritanian Army. He is the oldest of all the hot-blooded army men. The colonal is a devoted servant of the king. His loyalty is for the cause of monarchy and not for any particular person. He has a highly productive mind, which enables him to act daringly to restore the throne. He succeeds in liberating who is the

actual inheritor to the throne. Colonal Sapt says:

“I have eaten the King’s bread and I am the King’s servant.”


The character performed by Colonal Sapt is worth-reading. Readers get fascinated by his wisdom, loyalty, courage and good principles.