Poem 02 The Man of Life Upright

The Man of Life Upright


Q.1.Who is the poet of the poem “The Man of Life Upright”? What do you know about him?

Ans)The poet of the poem is Thomas Campion. He was amazingly versatile by Elizabethan Standards. He went to the University of Cambridge and became a fine scholar. He also studied law and then went to a continental university and qualified as a physician. However, he achieved fame not as a scholar, lawyer or doctor, but as a poet and musician.

Q.2.Give the central idea of the poem “The Man of Life Upright”.

Ans)The poem describes that a simple and virtuous life is better for everyone. This world is temporary place of stay for man and good deeds and moral character prepare him for the next world. A person who always remains straightforward and leads simple life gets a success and honor.

The Conscience of man is his strong retreat.

Q.3.Why does the heart of an upright man be guiltless and free from all dishonest deeds?

Ans)A man, who is morally correct and passes a simple and harmless life, becomes honest and honorable. He only keeps his mind in prayers and doing good deeds. His moral character provides energy to his heart; therefore, his heart is always guiltless and free from all dishonest deeds.

Q.4.What does an upright man not feel any thought of vanity?

Ans)An upright man always leads a good and moral life. He considers himself as a humble creature of God. He prays to God and seeks wisdom in the Holy Book. Due to this humbleness and good morality, he never feels any thought of vanity.

Righteous thoughts are the real friends of man.

Q.5.How does an upright man pas his days?

Ans)An honorable and honest man always passes his days without giving any harm to others and to him. He seeks innocent pleasures. False hope cannot deceive him and he never becomes disappointed in the state of sorrow and discontent.

Q.6.Why does an upright man not need of becoming high in social ranks?

Ans)An upright man leads a contented life. He has no desire of earning more and more wealth. He works honestly to earn his livelihood and always seeks pleasure in his present situation. He never makes plans to construct towers; therefore, he does not need of becoming high in social ranks.

Q.7.What does an upright man not require nay armor for his defense?

Ans)An upright man passes very simple life. He is a harmless person because he gives no trouble to others. He works honestly and remains busy in his prayers, so people give him honor. In this respect, he has no enemies; therefore, he does not need any armor for his defense.

Q.8.What does an upright man not need the secret vaults to protect himself from thunder’s violence?

Ans)An upright man is an honorable man who leads a pious life. His heart is guiltless and free from all dishonest deeds. He has no desire for rising up to the sky and has no fear of fall. He considers that his life is a sacred trust of God. Due to his piety, he feels no fear about natural calamities, wars between nation and other accidents of life; therefore, he needs no secret vaults to protect himself from thunder’s and violence.

Q.9.How does an upright man behold the terrors of the skies and the horrors of the deep?

Ans)An upright man is clam, serious and serene. (peaceful) He has no fear about the natural disasters from the skies and he never becomes anxious about the natural calamities on the surface of the earth or below the surface of the earth. He does not care about the sudden and violent changes, but remains peaceful because he knows that his life is a sacred trust. He sees the horrors of the deep and the terrors of the skies with unafraid eyes.

Q.10.How does an upright man take his earth?

Ans)An upright person knows the purpose of his life very well. He is well informed with the fact that this world is a temporary place of stay for man. He knows that good deeds and normal actions are the only source of blessings from God. He takes the earth as inn and lives here as he has come here to pay homage to the earth.

Q.11.What are the main qualities of an upright man?

Ans)In his impressive poem “The Man of Life Upright”, Thomas Campion has pointed out the qualities of such a person who leads an upright and virtuous life. This man has a pure and sinless heart. He has noble ideas and he acts in a noble manner. He has firm in God and he faces all kinds hardships and challenges of life with courage and patience. He does not care for the happy or unhappy events which occur in his life and he seeks help and guidance from God. He acts upon Divine laws. His pure and pious life is the wealth of lasting value and he enjoys the company of his noble thoughts. He believes that the world is no more than an inn where he has to stay for a short time just like a traveler, before embarking on the journey to the next world.