Poem 03 The Solitary Reaper

Poem 03 The Solitary Reaper


Q.1.What did William Wordsworth see in the mountainous area of Scotland?

Ans)William Wordsworth saw a highland girl in a field around the mountainous area of Scotland. She was reaping the crop and singing a very tragic song. She was all alone and singing just for herself.

Q.2.What does the poet feel after hearing the song of the so voice was ringing up all around the place Solitary Reaper?

Ans)The poet feels pathetic touches and melancholy in the song of the solitary reaper. She was singing in deep valley but her voice was ringing up all around the place. It seemed to the poet that the whole valley was echoing with the soft touches of her voice.

Q.3.Why does the poet think that the song of Highland girl is sweeter than a nightingale?

Ans)The poet praises the voice of Highland girl who was singing in a field of the deep valley surrounded by mountains. He thinks that he has never heard such a beautiful song with such a great melody. He thinks his song is sweeter than the sweet notes of a nightingale as they sing diligently (showing care and efforts) the band of a weary travelers resting at on oasis in the Arabian Desert.

Q.4.Why does the poet consider the voice of a girl as thrilling like a Cuckoo-bird?

Ans)The poet considers that the voice of the girl is thrilling as the voice of a cuckoo bird. The cuckoo bird when disturbs the silence of the seas in the islands located far away in the West Coast of Scotland, it announces the advent of the spring season to the inhabitants of that region. The quality of the girl’s voice is also just like a cuckoo-bird because it conveys a message of sweetness and beauty.

Q.5.Why does the poet find himself notion less and still on hearing the song of the solitary reaper?

Ans)The poet considers that the music expresses itself and touches the depths of human heart. It does not need any explanation. The poet saw, the solitary reaper with a sickle in her hand. She was bowing on the crop and reaping it. She was singing a tragic song with her work. On hearing the melody of her song, the poet finds himself notion less and still.

Q.6.Why does the poet felt the song will live in his heart forever?

Ans)The poet knows the beauty of music. He thinks a good music can move the heart and soul. He hears the song of the solitary reaper with the beauty of its music, though he remains unable to capture the theme of her song. He leaves that place and could not hear the voice of the voice of that girl again but he feels that music and melody of the song will live his heart forever.

Q.7.What has inspired William Wordsworth to compose the poem, “The Solitary Reaper”?

Ans)The poet William Wordsworth was wondering in the hilly region of Scotland with his sister Dorothy Wordsworth. He saw a Highland girl in a deep valley surrounded with by mountains. She was all alone with a sickle in her hands reaping the crop and singing a queer song. The poet could not understand the meaning of her song but he became much impressed by the melody and sweetness of her song. He had been listening to the song for long but it never became to an end; therefore, he preserved the melody and music of the song in his heart. The beautiful melody and music of the song supplement, by the natural scene in valley, made him compose this little beautiful poem.

“Music has the power to soothe the savage beast” (Congreve)