Poem 04 Music When Soft Voices Die

Music When Soft Voices Die


Q.1.Why does the poet consider that the music vibrates in memory even after soft voices die?

Ans)The poet considers that the music has a power of love. The music of a song gives pleasure and moves heart and soul. It becomes a part of memory. It vibrates in memory even after it ends.

Q.2.How do the flowers live even after they have become dried?

Ans)The flowers have natural beauty and an essence of ecstatic (very happy, excited and enthusiastic) fragrance. They have become dried after a certain period of their life but the sense of their sweetness, beauty and fragrance is preserved in memory. Thus, they remain alive even after their physical death.

Q.3.Why does the poet think that rose leaves are very important for him?

Ans)The poet considers rose as the flower of love. He thinks the petals of rose, which are dried, but preserved the essence of beauty, love and fragrance in them. He compares his beloved as a rose; therefore, he gives rose leaves very important. He thinks rose leaves, which are heaped (given lot of praise etc.) on the grave of his beloved, can only be a source of showing his love and devotion for his beloved.

Q.4.How does the poet show his love for his dead beloved in the poem “Music When Soft Voices Die”?

Ans)The poet expresses his deep love for his dead beloved. He says love is a passion, which remains evergreen in every season of life. Love does not only relate to the physical existence of the beloved but it remains alive even after the separation with the beloved. Love is preserved in memory with the thoughts of the beloved and it shall remain alive forever.

Q.5.What does the poet mean by these lines?

And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone, Love itself shall slumber on

Ans)The poet says in these lines that the thoughts of his beloved, which are very sweet and ecstatic, have been preserved in his heart and soul. These thoughts are revived in his memory and they are the only source of showing his love and devotion for his beloved when she has gone away.

Q.6.How does Shelley prove that fact that his feelings of love will remain fresh even after the departure and death of his beloved?

Ans)Shelley, the Poet of Love has projected the thought that his love for his parted love and her beauty, both will remain fresh alive long after her death. to prove this, he has given the example of three immortal objects _ melody, fragrance and loveliness of roses. He says just as melody remains alive after sweet voices have ceased to sing and fragrance of pretty violets flowers remains preserved in our senses long after the flowers have withered, the beauty of his beloved and his love for her will remain alive forever. He will continue to get relief from her thoughts.

“For Love, Beauty and Delight, there is no Death, nor Change” (Shelley)