Poem 07 The Lost Star

Poem 07 The Lost Star


1.What is the main idea of the poem “The Lost Star”?

Ans)The poem “The Lost Star” gives an idea that a man should learn a lesson from his life. He tries to understand about the purpose of life. One should always pass his life is accordance to the commandments in the Holy Book and Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). If one gets a divine guidance, he should make himself pious and free the desires of the materialistic world otherwise he would be condemned within his life. 

2.Why does the poet finds himself insignificant and meaningless in the poem “The Lost Star”? 

Ans)The poet does not care the divine guidance, he does not act according to the commandments of God, and therefore he loses all his brightness in his personality. He finds himself insignificant and meaningless. 

3.Why does the poet feels that his existence has become like an insignificant atom?

Ans)Due to the disobedience of Allah and great attraction towards the materialistic world, the poet becomes devoid with the divine guidance from God. He feels that his existence has become insignificant and meaningless like an atom in a universe, which is disturbed.

4.Why does the poet think that he has stained the mirror of reality?

Ans)The poet thinks that he has fallen a victim to doubt, mistrust and faithlessness. He now argues and suspects on those events, which are true, he doubt on those things, which cannot be rejected in any way. The poet thinks that with his habit of suspicion and with his lack of confidence and faith, he has stained the mirror of reality and demolished the image of the Almighty.