Poem 08 Lines From Endymion

Lines From Endymion


1.What is the main idea of the poem “Lines From Endymion”?

Ans)The poem “Lines From Endymion” gives an idea that a thing of beauty is a permanent source of joy. The beautiful things may be natural, human history or literature. The sense of beauty is preserved in memory and gives pleasure on remembering it.

2.Why does the poet think that loveliness of a thing of beauty increases with time?

Ans)The poet considers that a thing of beauty not only gives pleasure on viewing it but it also preserved in memory. The beautiful thoughts enrich its loveliness, therefore its loveliness increases with time.

3.Why does the poet consider that a thing of beauty is a shelter for us?

Ans)The poet considers that loveliness of a beauty goes on increasing with time. Its beauty is revived in thoughts preserved in memory; therefore, it provides a shelter for us. It gives us an eternal joy and induces us to sleep peacefully with full of sweet dreams.

4.What thing of beauty did Keats find most inspiring in the poem “Endymion”?

Ans)Keats says that there are uncountable things of beauty around us in the world which continue to fill our hearts with unending joy. He says that in the dark and dismal world full of problems and sufferings and human life dominated by sorrows and frustrations, the beaming impact of beauty makes our gloomy and depressed souls once again cheerful and fill them with hope. These beautiful objects as mentioned by Keats, are, the sun, the moon and other objects of beauty of nature such as lovely flowers, towering trees, brooks of cool water, great works of literature and art and destinies of great personalities of the past. All these things are related to the Divine beauty present in the Heaven above and showered upon mankind from the brink of the paradise.

5.How can man console his grieved heart in spite of dependence of the gloomy days, Answer according to the poem “Lines From Endymion”?

Ans)A man can console his grieved heart in spite of despondence of the gloomy days through viewing the beauty existing in nature. According to the poet in the poem “Endymion”, the beauty of nature has power to overcome the grief and gloominess. The beauty gives a pleasure to soul and makes it peaceful, thus it overcomes the grief.

6.What does the poet mean by saying that some shape of beauty moves away the pall?

Ans)The poet believes that beauty has a strong power to motivate heart and soul. It brings an eternal peace for the soul. Death is also very beautiful because it brings an eternal peace of soul. Everything existing in the nature has its own beauty. A beautiful thing, which someone likes the most, is a source of removing darkness and gloominess from his soul. It puts a cover of happiness over his grief like a black or purple cloth, which is placed over a coffin.

7.“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Explain the given line in your own words.

Ans)The poet considers beauty as a source of obtaining power and energy to overcome the grief and sadness. He thinks a thing of beauty, which someone takes as the most beautiful for him, becomes a constant source of joy, happiness and spiritual pleasure for him. Once a beautiful thing is seen it remain preserved in memory and it loveliness increases with the passage of time.

8.What does the poem John Keats mean by the given lines? Explain in your own words.

An endless fountain of immortal drink, Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink

Ans)The poet considers that everything is beautiful in this universe. A person selects a thing of beauty from this universe and takes it as the most beautiful and dearer to him but the actual purpose is obtained only even the selected beauty makes the thirsty soul peaceful. In the sense, all lovely tales and the stories related to heroes are the most beautiful. These tales and stories provide an inspiration and sprit for facing the problems of life cheerfully. They can make the thirsty souls peaceful by giving them an immortal drink from the edge of life heaven.

9.Who was Endymion? Why did the poet take him as the central figure of his poem?

Ans)Endymion was a beautiful young shepherd but actually a prince of Elis in Greek legend. The moon goddess Cynthia falls in love with him and takes him away to eternal life with her in order to enjoy his beauty. The poet John Keats made “Endymion” as the central figure of his poem. Through this Greek legend, the poet tried to explain the beauty of nature.

10.What views has Keats expressed about eternal impact of beauty on human follies?

Ans)In the opening lines of his lovely poem, Endymion, the Poet of Beauty, John Keats has presented a simple, brief, and appealing definition of beauty. He says that a beautiful object provides eternal pleasure and comfort to human heart. Beauty is the source of immortal joy. With the passage of time, its charm keeps growing. Beauty is beyond the reach of decay and death.