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143 Fill in the Blank Questions Answers MCQ

143 Fill in the Blank Questions Answers MCQ

1.The last viceroy of united India was _______.(Lord Mount Batten) 
2.______ is known as Bab-ul-Islam.(Sindh) 
3.The first O.I.C summit was held in ___________ in _______. (Rabat,Morocco)(1969) 
4.The second O.I.C summit was held in ________ in _________.(Lahore,Pakistan)(1974) 
5.The third O.I.C summit was held in _______ and ________ 
in________.(Makkah)(Taif,Saudia Arabia)(1981) 

6.The fourth O.I.C summit was held in ________ in ______.(Casablanca,Morocco)(1984) 
7.The fifth O.I.C summit was held in _______ in _______.(Kuwait)(1987) 
8.The sixth O.I.C summit was held in ________ in ______.(Dakar,Senegal)(1991) 
9.The seventh O.I.C summit was held in _______ in _______.(Casablanca)(1994) 
10.The eight O.I.C summit was held in ___________ in _______.(Tehran,Iran)(1997) 
11.The highway linking China and Pakistan is called 
12.Pakistan became the member of U.N on ____________and ___________ Opposed 
it.(30th December 1947)(Afghanistan) 

13. _____________ are the two most important food crops of Pakistan.(Wheat and Rice) 
14.The Objective Resolution was put forwarded by ___________ in________.(Liaqat Ali 

15._________ and ________ are two famous Pushto poets.(Khushal Khan 
Khatak)(Rehman Baba) 
16.The State Bank was inaugurated by _________ in __________.(Quaid-e-Azam)(July 
17.The first constitution of Pakistan came into force on __________ and cancelled in _______.(23rd March 1956)(1958) 
18.The second constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on __________.(1st March 1962) 
19.The third constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on _________.(14th August 1973) 

20.Pakistan's second Governer General and 2nd Prime Minister was _______.(Khawaja Nazimuddin) 
21.The Government of Pakistan imposed the system of Zakat in the year _____ and it is collected at ______.(1980)(1/3 %) 
22.Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in the year _____.(1913) 
23.The Simla delegation was headed by ___________.(Sir Agha Khan) 
24.Pakistan's largest heavy engineering complex is situated at _______ ,Built with the help of ____.(Texila)(China) 

25.The highest peak of Pakistan is _____.(K-2) 
26.Sui gas was found in the year _____.(1952) 
27.__________ was the chairman of boundary commission.(Sir Red Cliff) 
28.The growth rate of Pakistan is _____.(3%) 
29.The Lucknow Pact was signed between Muslim League and _______ in the year ____.(Congress)(1916) 
30.The first President of All India Muslim League was _______.(Sir Agha Khan) 
31.Quaid-e-Azam proposed his 14 points in the year _____.(1929) 
32.The United Nations was founded in _________.(24th October 1945) 
33.The first meeting of the Muslim League took place in the year ____ at _______.(1908)(Karachi) 
34.The Cripps Mission visited India in______.(1942) 
35.___________ Was the first Governer General of Pakistan.(Quaid-e-Azam) 
36.The Cabinet Mission came to India in the year ______ A.D and had ___ members.(1946)(three) 
37.R.C.D (Regional Co-operation for development )was established in______.(1964) 
38.Quaid-e-Azam Gave his 14 points in reply to ________.(Nehru Report) 
39.Mount Batten announced his plan on _________.(3rd June 1947) 
40.The first independent ruler of Muslim India was ________.(Qutub uddin Aibak) 
41.Allama Iqbal gave his historical address in the year _____ A.D at _____ .(1930) (Allahbad) 
42.Quaid-e-Azam appealed on _________ to observe day of Deliverance or Yaum-e-Nijat /Tashakkur.(22th december 1939) 
43.___________ has 4 divisions.(Sindh) 
44.__________ was the first President of Pakistan.(Iskander Mirza) 
45.Participation of Bengal took place in the year ______A.d And cancelled in _____ A.D.(1905)(1911) 
46.The two biggest hydraulic dams of Pakistan are _______ and _______.(Tarbela)(Mangla) 
47.Pakistan was recognized as a republic in the year _____.(1956) 
48._____________ Translated the Holly Quran in Persian.(Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah) 
49.Moen jo Daro was built _______ years ago through a thought plan.(4000) 
50.The Muslim League was founded in _______ at _____ due to the movement of _______ .(1906) (Dhaka) ( Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan) 
51.All India Congress was founded by ____________ in the year _________ A.d.(Allan o.Hume)(1885) 
52.The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was ___________.(Liaqat Ali Khan) 
53.The First World War started in _______.(1914) 
54.The second World War ended in ______. (1945) 
55.Urdu is a Persian word it means ______.(Camp) 
56.First Muslim General _____________ invaded Sindh.(Mohammad Bin Qasim) 
57.The highest court of Pakistan is __________.(Supreme Court) 
58.The Aligarh Movement was started by ________.(Sir Syed Ahmed Khan) 
59.Quaid-e-Azam remained member of both Muslim League and Congress for __ years.(9) 
60.Badshahi Mosque was built by __________ at Lahore.(Aurangzeb Alamgir) 
61. Sindh was separated from Bombay presidency in the year _____A.D.(1936) 
62.First Round Table Conference took place in London in _______ A.D.(1930) 
63.Second Round Table Conference took place in London in ______ A.D.(1931) 
64.General Zia Ul Haq took office in ____ A.D.(1977) 
65.Quaid-e-Azam was born on ___________.(25th December 1876) 
66.___________ and ____________ are the two building found in Pakistan that were built by Mughal Empire.(Badshahi Mosque)(Shahi Qila) 
67.Pakistan's two important agricultural crops are _____ and _____.(Cotton)(Rice) 
68.Allama Iqbal was born at ________.(Sialkot)(1877) 
69.The last Mughal Emperor of India was _________.(Bahadur Shah Zafar) 
70.Pakistan's largest steel mill is at ________ formed by the cooperation of ________.(pipri(Karachi)(Russia) 
71.There are ___ natural regions of Pakistan.(4) 
72.The Mosque built by ________ is at Thatta.(Shah Jahan) 
73.The duration sixth five -years plan is ______.(1985-1990) 
74.According to the 1972 census the literacy rate in Pakistan was _____ which grew to _____ in 1981.(21.7%)(26.2%) 
75.The true name of Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sane was _______.(Shaikh Ahmed) 
76.In the 1945 Muslim League won ____ Muslims seats in the central Assembly.(30) 
77.The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence law in _________ or made the Indian participation plan into a law.(July 1947) 
78.The script of All Pakistani languages is similar and it is based on ______ (Quranic Script) 
79.Sind Madarsa-ul-Islam was founded by ___________.(Hasan Ali Afandi) 
80.Pakistan earns its biggest share of foreign exchange from _____.(Cotton) 
81.In _______ ,________ helped Pakistan in making arrangements to hold the Islamic Summit Conference.(1974)(Shah Faisal) 
82.The first General elections of Pakistan were held in the year______.(1971) 
83.SAARC abbreviates for __________ .(South Asian Assocition for Regional Cooperation) 
84.________ founded Muslim League's braneli at London in _____.(Syed Ameor Ali)(1908) 
85.All Pakistani languages contain lots of words of ______ and _______.(Arabic)(Persian) 

86.Immediately after Independence from the British India forcefully annexed _______.(Hyderabad) 
87._______ and ________ occupied a large territory of Kashmir.(Dakkan)(Junagarh) 
88.The _____ nuclear exploitation showed the true face of Indian agression.(1974) 
89.Congress started "Leave India Movement" in the year ______.(1942) 
90.In_____,________ defeated the Marhatas at the battle field of Pani Patt.(1761)(Ahmed Shah Abdali) 
91.The first Mughal Emperor was _____.(Babar) 
92.The Mughal Emperor Akbar introduced the _________.(Deen-e-Elahi) 
93.Pakistani languages are greatly influenced from _______.(Arabic) 
94._________ and _________ are two important Sindhi poets.(Shah Abdul Latif)(Sachal Sarmast) 
95.Two palces famous for wooden crafts are ______ and ______ in Pakistan.(Hala)(Kashmor) 
96.The Indus Basin Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India in the year ____.(1960) 
97.Sindh Muslim League passed a resolution in _______.(1938) 
98.Nizam-e-Mustafa movement was carried in the year ____.(1977) 
99.The Hindu Society is divided in ___ casts.(4) 
100.Pakistan's _____ population live in rural areas.(70%) 
101.The first Muslim League Government was formed in Sindh in ______.(1943) 
102.Masjid Mahabat Khan is situated at _________.(Peshawar) 
103.Masjid Wazir Khan is situated at ________.(Lahore) 
104.Simla Delegation met _______ in 1945.(Lord Wevell) 
105.In year ____ the Simla delegation headed by Sir Agha Khan met ______.(1906) (Lord Minto) 
106.Liaqat Ali Khan born in ______ and become the secretary general of Muslim in _____.(1895)(1936) 
107.Waris Shah wrote _________.(Heer Ranjha) 
108.The total area of Pakistan is _________ and total population according to 1981 census is _____________ million/crores.(796096)(83782000) 
109.Pakistan exploded its first atomic bomb at _______ in the year ______.(Chaghi)(May 1998) 
110.Moen-jo-Daro is the province of ______.( Sindh). 
111.The period of first five year plan was _________.(1955-1960) 
112.Pakistan joined the non -Aligned Movement in in the year ______.(1979) 
113.The first conferences of NAM was held at ______ in _______ and the second at _______.(Belgrade)(1961)(Cairo) 
114.The fort of Lahore (Shahi Qila) was built by ________.(Jehangir) 
115.Sind was conquired by Mohammad bin Qasim in the year ______.(712) 
116.The head of the state is called _______ and head of the Government is called _______.(President)(Prime Minister) 
117.The Secretariate of O.I.C is at ________ (Saudi Arabia) and RCD at ________.(Jeddah)(Tehran) 
118.RCD is called now ________ .(R.E.C (Regional Economic Council) 
119.The desert land of Sindh is called _______ and that Bahawalpur is called ________.(Thar)(Cholistan) 
120.The first Saint to came South Asia ______________ is most important of all.(Hazrat Ali Hajveri) 
121.Hazrat Amman Marvandi is known as _________.(Lal Shahbaz Qalandar) 
122.In ______ Cripps mission was presented.(1942) 
123.In 1945-1946 elections Muslim League won ____ seats in central and _______ in provincial assembly.(all)(90%) 
124.In ______ Lord Wavell proposed the formation of a temperary government consisting of the political parties of United India.(1945) 
125.According to 3rd June 1947 plan plebiscite was held in __________ and ________.(N.W.F.P)(Silhoute) 
126.In the North of Kabul river Khyber Pass is situated which is _____ km long.(53) 
127.In the 1973 constitution ________ was recognized as state religion.(Islam) 
128.In Pakistan ____ languages are spoken.(30) 
129.__________ is the sufi poet of Pushto poetry.(Rehman Baba) 
130._________ is considered as first poet of Pushto.(Ameer Karoro) 
131.For a developing country like Pakistan ____________ is very important.(Nuclear Power) 
132.U.N has _______ members.(159) 
133.The five principles passed by the Non-Aligned countries are called _______.(Punj Shilla) 
134.The members of R.C.D are _________,________, and ________.(Pakistan)(Iran)(Turkey) 
135.In __________ separate elections principle was accepted.(1909) 
136.Sir Syed founded scientific society in ________.(1862) 
137.The Khilafat conference meeting held at Karachi in ______.(1921) 
138.The fundamental principle of our foreign policy is ________________.(friendship with the nations of the world) 
139.Sir Syed brought out the digest "Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq" in _______.(1870) 
140.The first central office of Muslim League was established at ________.(Aligarh) 
141.The word Pakistan was proposed by ______________ in a pamphlet named _______ .(Choudri Rehmat Ali)(No and Never) 
142.The first constituent assembly of Pakistan was dissolved in the year ______ and _______ was its speaker.(1954)(Mir Maulvi Tamizuddin) 
143.Under the constitution of 1973 the National Assembly consists of ______ Muslim members and the Senate consist of ____ members.(207)(87)


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