2nd year Banking Guess Paper & Important Short Questions 2020

2020 Banking Guess paper & Important Short Questions
1. Define endorsement. describe any two types.
2. When a bank dishonor a cheque? Describe any five conditions.
3. Describe foriegn exchange and rate of exchange.
4. Define letter of credit. Enlist its various kinds.
5. Define central bank. Describe the central banks functions.
6. Enlist the kinds of bank on the basis of functions.
7. Define secured and unsecured loans.
8. Write about E-banking / online banking and any three of its advantages.
9. Difference b/w bill of exchange and promissory note.
10. Define cheque? Write the essential of cheque.
2nd year Banking Guess Paper & Important Short Questions 2020

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1st Year & 2nd Year Guess Papers 2020

11. Describe special and general crossing.
12. List the various kinds of bank account. Describe fixed deposit account.
13. Difference b/w Debit card and Credit card.
14. List the qualitative credit control methods, describe bank rate policy.
15. List the steps involve in the opening of a bank account.
16. List the kinds of bank by ownership and describe any one.
17. Difference b/w cheque and bill of exchange.
18. Describe the primary and secondary function of a commercial bank.
19. Difference b/w  B.O.T and B.O.P.
20. Prepare a list of lending institutions and explain any one.
21. State the common utility services of commercial bank.
22. List the profitable and non-profitable uses of bank funds.

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