Commercial Geography 2020 Guess Paper 02

Commercial Geography 2020 Guess Paper 02
Commercial Geography 2020 Guess Paper 02

Q1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options any 15:

1. Construction is an example of the following commercial activities:
(a)Tertiary (b) Primary (c) Secondary (d) Quaternary

2. Dogar bank is famous for:
(a)Maximum interest Rate (b) Fishing activity(c) Offering commercial Loans (d) None of these

3. About 80% of this power is produced in Europe and North America:
(a) Nuclear (b) Hydroelectric (c) Solar (d) Thermal

4. In the world, about one third of total fish is caught in:
(a) North East Asia (b) South Asia (c) Polar Regions (d) Mediterranean Region

5. Linear plantation is a type of:
(a) Bela Forest (b) Coastal Forest (c) Irrigated Forest (d) Natural Forest

6. Climate of Sri Lanka is:
(a) Hot & Dry (b) Very hot (c) Hot & humid (d) Cool & dry

7. The Amazon basin is situated in this continent:
(a) Europe(b) South America (c) Africa (d) North America

8. Tea plantation is found in the hills of the following areas:
(a) Hot & Dry (b) Hot (c) Dry (d) Hot and Humid

9. The biggest industry of Pakistan is:
(a) Iron & Steel (b) Cotton textile (c) Sugar (d) Cement

10. Coal stone (Minerals coal) was used for the first time in:
(a) Germany (b) China (c) India (d) U.S.A

11. Truck farming is a type of:
(a) Shifting Cultivation (b) Market gardening (c) Mixed Farming (d) Mechanized Farming

12. Weber’s model is about the location of:
(a) Grasslands (b) Desserts (c) Industries (d) Cities

13. In Pakistan, most of the Electricity produced is from:
(a) Hydel Power(b) Nuclear Energy (c) Thermal Power (d) Solar energy

14. This seaport of Pakistan supplies raw material to Pakistan Steel Mill:
(a) Karachi (b) Gwader (c) Bin Qasim (d) Pasni

15. The main cause of summer rainfall in Pakistan in:
(a) Monsoon (b) Westerlies (c) Mediterranean winds (d) Siberian wind

Commercial Geography 2016 Time: 40 Minute (Preliminary Exam) Max. Marks: 60
Section B

Q2 Answer any five part questions Marks: 20
I. Explain the terms Renewable Natural Resources and Non-Renewable Natural Resources?
II. What is iron ore? Define its types?
III. Why anthracite is called the best quality of coal?
IV. What does OPEC stand for? Write down the names of the member countries of OPEC.
V. Discuss the Subsistence Farming.
VI. Comment. ‘Farming is not practiced in Polar region.’
VII. Write a note on highly populated region of the world
VIII. Why are irrigated deserts important to produce good quality of cotton?
IX. Write basic function of a fertilizer.
X. Why is commerce developed between various regions or countries?
XI. ‘Cheap labour is one the major factors for tea plantation.’ Comment?
XII. The sugar industry is located close to the sugarcane plantation because of several factors. List any four factors for this.
XIII. Give a list of different factors used for localization of industries.
XIV. What are geographical factors have influenced on agriculture activities?

Q3 Answer any four part questions Marks: 16
I. List the climatic regions of Pakistan?
II. Name types of soil and their regions in Pakistan?
III. What is Indus water treaty?
IV. Name different regions of tobacco in Pakistan?
V. Write the names of four Barrages built on the left bank tributaries of River Indus.
VI. What is the significance of Gwadar port?
VII. What is food Autarky? What is the present position of Pakistan in food autarky?
VIII. ‘Canal irrigation system causes loss of water and water logging and salinity’. Comment?
IX. Draw a sketch to show the physical regions of Pakistan?

Section C
Q4 Answer any two questions Marks: 16

I. What physical and economic factors are required for the cultivation of Rice? (b) Describe main rice-producing countries of the world. (c) Name the main exporting and importing countries of rice in the world.
II. (a) Explain the different types of commercial activities with examples.
III. What physical and economic factors are required for the cultivation of tea? (b) Name the main tea-producing countries of the world. (c) Name the main tea-exporting and importing countries of the world.
IV. What is population transition? With help of a diagram, explain the different stages of petroleum growth.

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Q5 Answer any one question Marks : 08
I. Name the physical features of Pakistan and give the salient features of plain areas of Pakistan.
II. Write a detailed note on Railways of Pakistan.
III. Name the main gas fields of Pakistan and explain the use of gas in different industries.
Write a note on any three of the following:
a. Sea ports of Pakistan
b. Hydel power projects of Pakistan
c. Importance of road transport
d. population density of Pakistan
e. Agricultural Problems of Pakistan.