Poem 06 Lines From The Lay The Last Minstrel


Q:1.What is the chief sentiment in the lines from ‘the lay of the last minstrel’?
The chief sentiment in the lines from “the lay of the minstrel” is patriotism or love of one’s country. The poem is the most spirited and vigorous piece of verse, breathing patriotism and denouncing any man who does not love his native land. 

Q:2.“If such there breathe, go, mark him well;” what person is implied by the word ‘such’ in the given line?
The word ‘such’ in the given line is a pronoun, and it stands for “an unpatriotic person”. Here he says that if there exists such a person who does not love his country, then observe him closely because he will face a miserable end. 

Q:3.What other characteristic of this person is revealed in the poem?
Another characteristic of this person is revealed in the line “the wretched, concentrated all in self”. According to Sir Walter Scott, an unpatriotic person thinks only of himself. He may have everything a person can desire of. Despite having everything, he does not serve his country or his compatriots, but uses his resources to serve his own ends. 

Q:4.How long is an unpatriotic person respected in a society?
An unpatriotic person is not respected at all by his compatriots. If he has wealth, titles or fame some opportunist might respect him and that too only as long as he has them. 

Q:5.What penalties do the poet for-see for the man who was no love for his native land?
The poet foresees a miserable end for an unpatriotic person. He will have to pay for being devoid of love for his native land. He may be breathing but he is as good as dead. He will fall in to anonymity; no one will remember him, no one will write in his honor, or even say a word of praise.

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