Justification of the demand of Pakistan

Justification of the demand of Pakistan

Justification of the demand of Pakistan


Hindus and Muslims had lived peacefully together in India for centuries, but after the British invasion in South Asia and their undue support to Hindus, life became very difficult for Indian Muslims. In fact, the Muslims were a separate nation who always adhered to their religious identity. The British and the Hindus in spite of their great efforts could not put a wedge into the Muslim unity and their love for the national character. The creation of Pakistan owes much to this feeling of adherence to their  national image and religious identity.

The Basis of the Creation of Pakistan

The two nation theory was the basis of the struggle for the creation of Pakistan which held that Hindus and Muslims were two separate nations. On one occasion, Quaid-e-Azam said:

“Hindus and Muslims though living in the same towns and villages, had never been blended into one nation. They were always two separate entities.”

There were a few factors which split the inhabitants of the Sub Continent into two nations . Let us examine each of them separately:

1.    Religious Differences

Hindus and Muslims belong to different religions. Muslims believe in Tawheed (Oneness of Allah) and equality of men. On the other hand, Hindus believe in multiple Gods and Hindu society is divided into four different classes. Thus there lies the basic difference between Hindu and Muslim way.

2.    Cultural Differences

Hindus and Muslims followed different social customs and traditions. The Hindus burnt their dead bodies while Muslims buried them. Hindus considered the ‘mother cow’ as a sacred animal and worshipped it while Muslims slaughtered it.

3.    Educational Differences

The Hindus had advanced in the educational field because they readily and quickly took to the English education. The Muslims did not receive modern education, which heavily affected their economic condition.

4.    Language

Muslims and Hindus wrote and spoke two different languages. The language of Muslims was Urdu and it was written in Arabic Script. On the other hand, Hindus spoke Hindi and it was written in Sanskrit. Even this small difference led to a stirring conflict between the two nations.

5.    Difference of Ideas

There were a great differences in the ideas of Muslims and Hindus. This was because the Muslims were guided by the Quranic concepts of equality and fraternity, for all the human beings and the Hindu society is characterized by the differences created by the caste system. So the both could never meet.

Besides these factors, there occurred  few events which led the Muslims of Indo Pak Sub Continent to make a demand for an independent Muslim State. Some of these are:

The Policy of Conflict

By the beginning of the 20th century, the events had taken a new turn. The Hindus and British had joined hands to destroy the Muslims morally, socially, economically and politically. They reserved all higher civil, judicial and military appointments for Britishers only while Muslims were debarred from all official positions. The Islamic educational system was replaced by British one. Then Muslims were forced to change their religion to Christianity and were compelled to send their children to co educational institutes and abandon purdha.

Atrocities of Congress on Muslims

After formation of Congress ministers Muslims had to bear their oppressive and tyrannical rule. Muslims were forbidden to eat beef. Those who slaughtered ‘Mother Cow’ was killed. Islam was humiliated, Prayers and Azans were interrupted. Hindi was made the official language. In addition to these, they launched a scheme called “Vidya Mandir Scheme” to convert non Hindus to Hindus. Congress clearly stated:

“India belongs to the Hindus and if Muslims wish to live in India, they should accept Hinduism.”

According to Nehru three coloured flags were hoisted to prove that:

“There are only two parties in the country The Congress and the British.”

Hindu Muslim Riots

The Hindu Muslim riots in creased during the Congress rule throughout the country. The Hindus were free to make the Muslim victims of their high handedness. The houses of muslims were set on fire. Massacre of the Muslims became the routine of the day.


On the basis of above mentioned factors and bitter attitude of British and Congress the Muslims apprehended that they would lose their entity if they remained a part of Hindu society. Therefore they quitted Congress and demanded separate land on the ground that they were different nation from Hindus. According to Quaid-e-Azam:

“The Muslims demanded Pakistan where they can rule in accordance with their own system of life, their cultural development, their traditions and Islamic law.”